A Year of Loss – Tribute to Eddie

It’s been a rough year for us. Not only did we lose a father & husband, but we lost a big piece of our team here. Eddie wasn’t the face of the shop, but he was the backbone. He had a hand or word in everything that was done. He always knew what to do or how to fix a problem. He was “all in” with our new ideas, eager to help us expand, from starting cut flowers and the lavender field, to building the greenhouse, growing sweet potatoes, etc. He believed in our dreams, with no proof that they’d be successful. And he didn’t just offer advice, he was right beside us working in the field.

He was sick for most of 2022, but was often still here to fix something or to relax in the sun, just to watch and be near us while we worked. In May, we opened the new mini store in Duck. What was intended as a fun expansion became more of a burden, and much of the year it felt like we were just surviving, trying to keep things running while our hearts were breaking. There’s a giant hole here that will never be filled, but for 2023 we hope to get back to growing these projects that Eddie helped us start. We pray that spring, as it usually does, brings back the energy and enthusiasm for life, new growth and nurturing this property that we love.

We look forward to seeing you in the new year, for what will hopefully be a more productive and positive season of life for us all.