12″ Hexagon Bird Feeder – Patina Copper Bell Roof


Handcrafted in North Carolina, our beautiful copper and PVC/vinyl bird feeders are built to last a lifetime while withstanding outdoor weather elements – no rotting, cracking, or splitting. The feeders are made of cellular expanded PVC board that has the look of real wood.

Height 28” x 12” Wide

This Decorative 12” Hexagon Bird Feeder is constructed of PVC Board with patina copper bell roof. Copper is finished with exterior lacquer to maintain its patina finish and beauty. The roof is removable for easy cleaning. Brackets are attached and designed to fit 4”x4” vinyl sleeve post (post sold separately). Liquid resin finial. Easily lift the roof to fill 4”x10” feeder tube. Then you can sit back and enjoy watching the birds eat.