Organic Sweet Potato Farming

It’s officially sweet potato season and we are now selling our very own homegrown organic sweet potatoes!

Currituck County, and North Carolina in general, is well known for sweet potato production. In fact, sweet potato farming was the livelihood of our family generations ago, giving us a sense of pride in continuing the tradition.

Now in 2019, the operation is a one man show with a little help from family. For planting, Walker – the “one-man” in this show – had the ground work done and the five of us worked together one afternoon in May to get the baby plants in their new home.

In late September it was time to harvest. With no pesticides used there was some grass growing with the plants but the potatoes below were unfazed. After harvesting the sweet potatoes are cured for a short period to increase their sweetness and heal over any wounds from the harvesting process.

Over the summer we also produced and sold small amounts of organic heirloom tomatoes, blueberries, watermelon, squash and non-GMO corn, and we hope to continue to offer more organic produce as demand grows for locally grown organic food.

Stop by the store in Point Harbor to get your sweet potatoes by the box and in smaller increments as needed. Supply is limited, feel free give us a call to reserve a box (252) 491-8696.