How to attach a PVC sleeve to 6″ & 8″ birdhouses and feeders

Most of our copper/vinyl birdhouses and feeders come with attached decorative brackets, with the exception of the 6″ and 8″ Bluebird houses, and the 8″ square bird feeders. These smaller sizes come with an attached square piece on the bottom for mounting directly on a wood 4×4 post. However, you can remove this small piece and attach the house or feeder directly to a full PVC sleeve.

We will remove the attached mounting piece and then attach the house directly to a full 6ft PVC sleeve.
To start, remove the two screws at the base of the house/feeder
Once the screws are removed, pull off the bottom piece, you may have to tap the center of the plastic piece to loosen it (we used the base of our screw driver).
And its off!
Now grab the house and your full PVC sleeve, and find a sturdy place to prop up the sleeve.
Insert the bottom side of the sleeve first, pulling the top side towards you – it is a tight fit!
With one hand (or a helper) securing the house, you may have to tap the center of the sleeve to get all sides in the bottom frame of the house. Rotate and tap as needed until the house is secure on the sleeve.
Now replace the screws that were removed in step 1, drilling through the newly attached full PVC sleeve.
Slip the sleeve over your 4×4 post
And you’re all set…
Enjoy your new birdhouse!

The birdhouse featured here is the 6″ Bluebird house – 1 Copper Portal – Patina Copper Roof – or check out our other small birdhouses and bird feeders.